Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1.This simple but poignant anti-bullfighting poster.
2. Once upon a time in a crappy night club in downtown Orlando Florida, a boy and a girl met. Two years later one of the other girls in the photo, e-mailed me this picture that I didn't even know existed!
3. Outdoor tile Scrabble board? Yes, please!
4. The Littlest Polly's tips for new bloggers

5. After I got back from Italy, I e-mailed my mom a few of my photos and she created these fantastic watercolors out of them! Go check out her Etsy page!
6. Nutella Crack Cake. A dessert named for the immediate need to continue eating it.
7. fun. - We Are Young ft. Janelle MonĂ¡e has been on repeat on my iTunes since last week.
8. Making my very first diabetic friendly Peach Cobbler and then having it completely eaten in less than 10 minutes. I take it I did a good job?

9. And pretty much every other Google Chrome commercial. Seriously! Go watch!
10. Breaking Bad. Is it possible to be physically addicted to a television show? Because Nick and I started watching Saturday and as of last night are well into season 2. I think I need help, guys.


waterlilygallery said...

Thank you !!

Kyla said...

I absolutely love google chrome videos...they are all so amazing and heart warming! :) And those italy watercolors are gorgeous!

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

Good song :) Thanks for sharing!

Magda said...

lovely blog¡¡¡ kisses from MExico :D

Carrie said...

beautiful post thanks for sharing

Carrie :)

Anonymous said...

Outdoor Scrabble? AWESOME! I like this post!