A girl...
Hello There! I'm Annika, which is pronounced kind of like Hanukah without the H (and no, I'm not Jewish). I'm a 24 25 year old Art History student with a passion for do-it-yourself, a penchant for cupcakes and an obsession over all things cute. I live in sunny Florida with boyfriend, Nick, our overly sweet and border line "special" Greyhound Brinkley, my completely apathetic Maine Coone Ace and one very loving, but also very misunderstood black cat named Jackson. Im an introvert that has mastered the art of running with the extroverts. I love to read, craft, bake and do just about anything that relieves some of the stress of college and life in general!

Tattoos, books, new music, warm and sweet coffee, mac n cheese, old postcards, antique cameras, mint green, anything with owls on it, art, history, art history, feminism, politics, Welsh Corgis, Francisco Goya, street art, hugs <3, animals, new friends, nice people and any combination of the aforementioned 

Mean people, misconceptions of what it means to be a feminist, bigotry, hate for hate's sake, close mindedness, people that think reading is lame, cold weather and wet socks

A boy...
Howdy! I'm Nick (no special pronunciation needed). I'm 24, just like my partner in crime above. I'm a first generation Florida boy and have lived in the house of the mouse my whole life. I did leave to Daytona Beach to get a degree in photography... I came back and quickly found myself drawn back to working with animals not to far after graduation.  Since then I've recently become an "animal cop" working for the county and  helping puppies and kittens and stuff. I  still love photography, am constantly finding myself  getting crafty  thanks to DIY network and etsy, and love embracing my mad scientist inside and cooking something new as often as possible. I also have a closeted passion for architecture.

And a blog called...
I wanted an engagement ring. He got me a blog. Now, I'm starting to think I was asking for the wrong thing all along! After 2 years of dating, we have collected countless memories of kitchen experiments, late night art projects and finals week melt downs. A Sweet Release is our adventure in over coming the stresses of day to day life through baking cupcakes, making so many DIY projects we no longer know what to do with them, cooking dinners large enough to feed us and all of our friends and anything that makes you smile or just say 'awww'!