Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1. Guess who just ordered a Book of Adam portrait!? If you haven't seen his work or blog both are hilarious.

We tried to pick out an equally goofy family portrait to send and the final choice landed on this one:

I am so excited to see what he does with it!

2. White crackle polish on silver sparkle nails. 

3. The new Tory Burch bags… swoon worthy for sure.

4. Thai tea… mmmmmmm… Nothing can give me a faster pick me up on a bad day than this stuff. Nothing. I really should try making it myself since I found this recipe.

5. Graduation is a go. Class of 2012 here I come!

6. I am so unbelievably behind the times on this one, it's borderline embarrassing. I finally got and started using Twitter!

7. Vintage Winnie The Pooh prints found at none other than Goodwill! Thrift store gold!

8. Tara over at Deer in a Bottle is simply a genius. Anyone that knows me personally, look for one of these in the mail over Christmas. Anyone that doesn't, get on over to her blog and check out this fabulous (and simple) gift idea!

9. Animus by Seonna Hong. A strange but beautiful pop-up book I snagged from an art gallery in Portland. It's an adorable book with an artsy flare and a fantastic message. I want to hang onto it just to make sure I have it around when I have kids of my own.

10. Attack The Block. Strong language, gratuitous violence and one of the best and most original alien flicks I've seen in years!


Sarah O'Holla said...

I am right there with you on the chai tea. Mmmmmm. Yay Twitter- going to follow you right now.

PS- Your ad is up! So glad we're swapping this month xo

vintch said...

i loved that you printed your graduation screen. when mine comes next year, you better believe i'll be doing the exact.same.thing. congrats on that accomplishment! and chai tea is delicious...warm, sunny, rainy or cold weather:)

Tara said...

thanks for the shout out :)

Lauren said...

OPI crackle! I need some! My friend had some on a couple of weeks ago when we had a coffee date and i couldn't stop staring! The white looks very chic!