Saturday, November 26, 2011

More thankful than ever..

I'm back from a lovely road trip across Florida with Nick! We visited friends, family, took lots of pictures and ate lots of turkey! We also got an extra exciting turkey day gift in the form of a new picture of Penny! This is our little princess at 5 weeks old!!

Her big sister, our Greyhound Brinkley, went with us on the trip across Florida and she was so excited! There were new dogs to meet at every rest stop, all of my friends and family have pets that she got to play with and everyone under the sun was asking to take her for a run haha. I'm pretty sure she's now going to sleep for the next week. 7 hours in the car with her was a nice trial run for whenever I get into grad school and we have to pack up and move across the country.

Our first stop was Tallahassee to visit my dad, step mom and step sisters (they're adopted, if you couldn't tell). We only got to stay for a few hours because of time constraints but at least we were able to squeeze in Christmas card picture time!

Onto Panama City I got to visit with one of my best friends, Sam and relax (kind of). My Grandmother has a reputation of being one of the feistiest 80 year olds ever for a reason! We cooked, we baked, and we drank our weight in sangria! At one point, Nick and I ran up to Walmart to take a break at the only place open on Thanksgiving. We went to pick up water and sugar and ended up buying a board game and playing in the parking lot for awhile.

After Thanksgiving day had passed, while everyone else was shopping, my family was taking tons and tons of family pictures!

My Grandmother is spending the next 2 months in Germany so Nick and I are having a custom frame made for this last picture and shipping it to her for Christmas! I know she'll love it!

On the drive back, Nick and I kept ourselves entertained by searching for fun new music!

All-in-all our Thanksgiving was amazing! How was yours?


Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

Looks like you had a lovely thanksgiving :)

I Florida road trip sounds nice. I'm actually bit jealous, I have a thing for Florida, haha...It's the contrast to life in Sweden!

Have a great weekend! :) //Niina

Anonymous said...

Cute dogs. :3

elledoubleyouu said...

The last picture is amazing!!! That will make a great gift.

♥ LW