Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If I only had the time...

I've been such a bad blogger the past few days guys... Forgive me? But between finals, fighting a seemingly loosing battle to still graduate next semester (Surprise! You need one more class! Second surprise! It's not offered again till Fall 2012!) and wrangling a puppy has me at my wits ends and I just can't wait for this week to be over. I should have thought about this ahead of time and did a call for guest posters. We'll just file that idea away in the For-Next-Semester category for now!

So tonight I'm taking a break, blogging, having a glass of wine and making baked mac and cheese. More studying can wait until tomorrow, my sanity however, cannot. I didn't have the free time to pull together a true top ten Tuesday so how about this time we go for a few less links and a few more puppy pictures?

  • I want to be friends with the blog lady over at Vintch just in hopes that hear heart is as lovely as her writing.

  • Jackie Magpie makes me long for my month of freedom from classes even more. If that's even possible!

Why studying has become an exercise in patience.

And the only time I actually get any of said studying done.


Gentri said...

K- cutest puppy ever! And I love Courtney! (vintch)

Ly said...

OMG your puppy is so cute. Too cute for words. Good luck studying.


Amber said...

Vintch is one of my favorite blogs to read. Her writing is phenomenal and I bet she is as nice as she seems to be..probably even nicer.

Let It Be Raw said...

I would not be able to study with a puppy within 10 feet of me. You are strong!

beina said...

I have to study too!I'm going to have an exam on 12th December!!!
But I think studing with your puppy is nice!!!
Good luck!

Danfredo Rivera said...

Penny is SOOO adorable! I can't get enough of her. :-)