Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

So far, 2012 is off to a great start! After spending a slightly longer night at work than I had expected, I raced to the bar I was meeting Nick at and was exactly 2 minutes late to get my New Years kiss. But we decided to hell with tradition and kissed anyways, just to be sure and start the night off right! One of Nick's best fiends owns a karaoke and sports bar here in Orlando so I got to ring in the year with my favorite people, a mess of free drinks and 4 AM french toast. Which, incase you were wondering, is the best kind of french toast.

What wasn't the best idea however was staying up until 5 AM when I had to get up at 8 and oh, did I mention I lost my car key? But, that part has a happy ending! I woke up early as planned, fully expecting to be calling around town for locksmith quotes and wandered out to Nick's car to check for my key one last time, with minuscule hope of actually succeeding. But, just when all hope was lost I spotted something silver jammed in a corner of the passenger seat and squealed with joy (right as our neighbor walked out of their house and looked at me like I was nuts)! So I bounded up the stairs and excitedly woke Nick up waving my new found prize in his face and ready to drive to Jacksonville!

2012 was off to a fantastic start and being able to pile in the car with Penny and the Boyfriend to go visit my mom made it even better!

After a few hours of terrorizing my mom's poor 14 year old dog, Penny finally passed out right under the Christmas tree. She's the cutest present in the world when she's asleep!


amanda said...

Precious doggie!!!

So cute. Happy 2012!


Megan said...

Cute photos! Sounds like you had a fun night... Happy New Year! :)