Monday, August 29, 2011

Etsy Every(other)day

Gourmet herbs and spice kits, exotic BBQ rubs, tasty popcorn kits and salts, and cocktail party supplies to make your signature drink perfect. Fresh, quality ingredients and recipes you can't find at the supermarket -- so you can cook, experiment and entertain at home!

Dell Cove Spice Company!! I can't tell you how many times I have placed something from their shop on my favorites list! Right now the only one I have purchased for myself is the whole peppercorn sampler and let me tell you, I am in love.

The tins are magnetic and food-grade so the spices wont dry out, get wet or break when one of your cats knocks it off the refrigerator. Similar magnetic food tins will cost you $2.99 a piece at any kitchen supply store and they don't come filled with yummy spices! So at $9.95 for a set of 4, this shop just can't be beat.The peppercorns are so tasty and even look really pretty all lined up on our fridge!

Perfect gifts for that special chef in your life, wedding present, house warming gift or (if you're like me) a treat for passing all your exams at the end of the semester ;-)

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