Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1. Genius bathroom shelving!!

I'm finding myself day dreaming about towel storage… Is this the start of the whole biological clock thing?

2. Reunion!!!

This past summer I spent the best month of my life in Florence, Italy with a group of 12 of the most amazing women I have ever met. Then this week, I got the e-mail I have been waiting on edge for…. Reunion party!!! In two weeks I get to see my girls again and I just can't contain the over usage of exclamation marks….!!!!

3. I think even my mediocre sewing skills could do this one!

Excuse to unpack my sewing machine? Heck yes! Did I mention we moved well over a year ago…? It's been awhile since that thing has seen use.

4. Things that make you go…. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT!?

Cracked.com always gets me giggling but this article is just something else entirely.  5 lovable Animals You Didn't Know Are Secretly Terrifying on Top 10 Tuesday? Yes please!

Yes, it's a dollar. Yes, it really works. Over night kind of works. It is composed of some rather harsh chemicals so I wouldn't recommend it for someone with extreme acne. But, if you's like me and just have a problem area every now and then, buy five of these things.

Animals at the Washington National Zoo started behaving oddly minutes before Tuesday's magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit.

First to respond to some hidden signal, says the zoo, were the red-ruffed lemurs, which sounded an alarm call about 15 minutes before the quake and then again just after it occurred.
About five to ten seconds before the quake, many of the apes, including Kyle, an orangutan, and Kojo, a western lowland gorilla, abandoned their food and climbed to the top of the tree-like structure in the exhibit. 

7. Why Having a Toddler is Like Being at a Frat Party
  • There are half-full, brightly-colored plastic cups on the floor in every room. Three are in the bathtub.
  • There’s always that one girl, bawling her eyes out in a corner.
  • It’s best not to assume that the person closest to you has any control over their digestive function.
  • You sneak off to the bathroom knowing that as soon as you sit down, someone’s going to start banging on the door.
  • Probably 80% of the stains on the furniture contain DNA.
  • You’ve got someone in your face at 3 a.m. looking for a drink.
  • There’s definitely going to be a fight.
  • You’re not sure whether anything you’re doing is right, you just hope it won’t get you arrested.
  • There are crumpled-up underpants everywhere.
  • You wake up wondering exactly how and when the person in bed with you got there.
8. Google knows how valuable our service men and women are, and how hard it is to be away from home on long tours of duty. The company is giving back where it can, by offering free calls within Gmail to the states for people with a valid .mil email address. It might not seem like much, but you'd understand after getting your first cell phone bill with roaming charges from the eastern mountains of Afghanistan. To take advantage all you have to do is add your military address to your Google account and click a link in the verification email and you're good to go.

9. This simple but adorable Blake Lively inspired hair tutorial.

I have officially become obsessed with this blog, Hair Romance. Her tutorials range from professional level wedding styles to things like this. Early morning classes can easily make you VERY unmotivated to even attempt a cute hair style, especially when your hair is a curly, wavy, frizzy mess like mine is 80% of the time. But, this style works with the madness of unruly hair and takes roughly 3 minutes to do.

10. How to make a leather bow cuff bracelet

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

11. An exciting last minute addition!

A few weeks ago I ordered a limited edition print from one of my all time favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki. Yesterday, I recieved this e-mail that it had finally shipped! I already have a frame ready and waiting for this lovely print to take its place in our home.


claire said...

wow, your hair looks amazing like that. Ive been thinking more about my hair lately. feel like i need to make more of an effort even though it has to be up for work. I'll def look at that site!

dulci said...

love the hairdo!!