Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Etsy Every(other)day


Oh Florida… Home of the year round Summer, your Grandparents, Mickey Mouse and me. How could I not love you? A cute and simple way to show some home state pride! Destiny's Creations has a personalized touch for everyone from


all the way to...


My best friend's birthday is only one day apart from me but as of 2 years ago we are about 5 states apart.. So this year I'm going to order the Florida one for myself and the Mississippi one for her as a modern twist on the classic Best Friend necklace! But shhhhh don't tell her!!

All this and more, brought to you by DestinysCreations


Emily @ EAKaHouse said...

Too cute! Thanks for stopping by today. You made me blush! I'm glad you are enjoying our progress. I'm hoping to get that butterfly tutorial up tomorrow.

Rachel said...

I really want a California one, they look amazing!