Monday, October 24, 2011

Etsy every other day!

If there is one thing Annika and I have in common above anything else is our love for craftiness. We were both photography majors and love art especially when we know its made with care. We both love to make things, at this point the majority of our walls are covered with something we have either bought off Etsy or found and decided we can make ourselves. So with that said here are a couple of my favorite "I want to make that" items I've found on Etsy in the last couple days. I know some are way beyond my scope of wood working ability but that just means its another thing for the Christmas list right!

I want an Iphone...not because of how hip or user friendly it is, honestly I've hacked my android to be so much better. I want an Iphone because of this case. Hand etched and one of a kind wooden cover for your phone.

(by the way the shop name is "grandmaswoodentooth" if only grandma was actually making these)

Ok I can actually make this one! Or at least I need to learn how before Annika and I move because I promised her I would. There custom wall mounted bookshelves from "Stellabluedesigns". They've got all different styles and forms ready to ship and all have an awesome rustic and modern feel to them and even though there dark piping they still feel kinda warm.

As previously stated, we love good art for the walls. With that said it seems that alot of people feel like only pictures and paintings can be art and that wood can only be used for the frame. Why not just make the frame the art and fill it with the left overs! I was watching The Walking Dead last night and the follow up show had an amazing piece of art in the background. I need something similar and I feel like I can pull this one off for sure but if I fail miserably this shop will definitely be there to help out. "Inner Beauty Designs" creates custom wooden artwork for your walls, just browse the shop to much variety to describe!

Ok, now I have no way to make this myself but it's wood, its wearable, and its pretty amazing that someone made this. I love watches, pocket watches especially. Annika got me an amazing pocket watch off Etsy about a year ago and even though she thinks I never wear it I absolutely love it. So this is on the christmas list for next year. A hand made wooden wristwatch thats also digital..SO COOL! Credit goes to "KurtWakefield79"

Alright so Annika is on her way home now, time to clean the house and try to make it presentable before she gets back. Got a 2 hour drive to Tampa to pick her up, hope I did her some justice! Happy Halloween!


Gentri said...

Ok... I need that case! Except, I don't think it would do much protecting if I dropped my phone... but it's so me! GAH! I found a shop the other day called tumbleweed (I think) and they make wooden sunglasses which are AWESOME! You'd love it!

Annika said...

Ok those glasses are awesome. Not sure if i'm cool enough to sport them but i'd fake it for a while for sure. Thanks for the info!