Monday, October 10, 2011

Etsy Every(other)day: Sponsors and birthdays and cheesecake, oh my!

So, I dont know if I have told you guys this lately, but my sponsors are positively awesome! They are all some of the sweetest and most creative girls in the world and have given me a very warm and fuzzy welcome to the blogging world!

One of these girls in particular though, has helped me even more than she knows! Tara over at Deer in a Bottle not only has an amazing blog but also a darling Etsy shop! About a week ago I was on the hunt for a birthday present for Nick's cousin and she's a pretty girl who likes pretty things and just happens to have just started going to the same college as I do! So of course I had my eyes peeled for something black and gold (yay knights!!) when I stumbled upon this lovely gem!

I cleared the present selection with the boyfriend and ordered away! Not only did it get to me super fast (and I mean super fast like, only about 4 days turn around) but Tara had the cutest packaging and an adorable little note included!

The necklace is even more lovely in person and really made me wish I had ordered one for myself! Like this one!

Or this one?

Ok ok, you get the idea. And yes, everything in her shop is just as cute as the ones I mentioned! So after a yummy meal and some cheesecake, Danielle loved her birthday present!

The moral of this story? Blog buddies are fantastic and you should go visit Tara here and especially here!


Halley said...

I concur! Here stuff is fantastic.

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Those necklaces are all stunning! Yes I agree blog buddies are awesome. I will head over to check out the link you mentioned

Siddy said...

You're so right! I read a bumper sticker somewhere saying 'blog friends are real friends' lol, I didn't believe it till I started blogging myself. The necklace is so beautiful and feminine and delicate!
kudos to you and your bloggy friend