Thursday, October 13, 2011

Even at 25, you've gotta start sometime.

I realized something today. Something wild! In less than a month, I'm going to be 25. It may sound silly but it's the first time saying my age has ever felt like a substantially large number. I like it though, it has character with a little pinch of time seasoned wisdom and a dash of still-so-young. So to celebrate I decided to make out a list of goals I want to reach before hitting the big three-oh. But, I need your help! I'm aiming for 30 things to do before hitting 30 (I could always handle more though!) and I'm just a few items short. 

  1. Get into grad school
  2. Travel overseas again (preferably Germany)
  3. Receive my UCF diploma in the mail (only THEN will it be real)
  4. Be in one of my best friends weddings
  5. Skydive
  6. Survive my first full northern winter
  7. Learn to swim (and not just practice the art of not drowning)
  8. See the northern lights
  9. Go to (at least) one more Fun. concert
  10. Get engaged
  11. Have a basic understanding of a foreign language
  12. Stargaze from the middle of the desert (any desert will work)
  13. See a waterfall
  14. Be in a flash mob
  15. Participate in a fundraising walk
  16. Go Tailgating
  17. See the fall leaves changing colors
  18. Visit Seattle, New Orleans, and Boston
  19. Learn to tie a cherry stem with my tounge
  20. Learn to paddle board
  21. Try hot house yoga
  22. Volunteer at a museum
  23. Pay off my car
  24. Swim with dolphins
  25. Open some sort of investment account or buy my own stocks
  26. See a Frida Kahlo painting in real life
  27. Take and frame a polaroid photo shoot with Nick
  28. Take a tour and do a wine tasting at an American winery
So if you're my age, what do you want to do before your 30th birthday? If you're past that mark, anything you never did and wish you had?

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waterlilygallery said...

if you divide #18 into 3 you will have your 30. Just a thought - although a bit of a cop out I think.

Halley said...

Flash mob! I want to do that as well. Also invest in stocks.

Have you tried sailing on a tall ship?? It's amazing! Also dive with sharks is on my list... It's a lifetime fear I want to overcome.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Good luck! x hivenn

Blace said...

I just turned 23 at the end of last month and have been intending to make a list similar to this one for a while now. Thanks for giving me an extra push to do so. You've got some great things on yours!
Also, Happy (early) Birthday!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

30 is still very far away for me, as I just turned 20 in the spring.
I did, however, pariticpate in a flashmob, and it was awesome:) I hope you get to do one too!

I also really love #26.

P.S. Yes, I adore Audrey Kawasaki! Hadn't seen her new work yet, so thank you very much for the tip:D It's gorgeous!

Candace Stevenson said...

K 14 is sweet! I wanna be in a flash mob. I have 10 more years before I'm 30 but pretty much this list + 98776 more things I need to do haha :)

Lovely Little Rants

Kim W. said...

im turning 25 on wens!! not going to lie im pretty nervous... i feel so old!!! gah! i never thot id be this age... but its a good feeling so sure ;P xkim

Caitlin said...

25 was a weird age to turn! I really want to try hot yoga as well, I've heard really good things about it.

Danfredo Rivera said...

I think I may steal #14 for my 30 before 30 list. :-)