Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Florida girl in Oregon OR How do I pack for cold?

I am a Florida girl.
I have only ever lived in 3 different Florida cities.
I have seen snow twice in my entire life.
I don't know how to layer.
I have no clue how to put together warm outfits, especially dressy outfits that for me would usually include... well.... a dress.

So I browsed Pinterest and it helped a little bit.

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Actually, that helped a good deal as far as day to day outfits are concerned.
  • Boots
  • scarves
  • sweater
  • jeans
  • tights
  • cardigan
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
But how in the world do you dress up in cold weather? Or is it the same as a night on the town in Florida only you avoid being outside at all costs? Any cold weather fansionistas out there have some suggestions?


Sam said...

When I dress up in cold weather, it's layers all the way. Thick tights or leggings, often doubled up, are the best for dresses. Some people just avoid being outside, but I like being warm so unless I know I'm going to be only inside, I dress for cold. Boots and thick socks are really helpful, and can be quite cute. Also, the jacket is important! A long wool jacket and bright scarves can do so much to make you look like you intended to be outside :P This all applies for my winter dressing, which gets colder than Oregon, but would definitely be useful anyways!

Hope some of this helps!

Gentri said...

Just dress how you would normally dress and throw on a nice dress coat. :) and tights if they work. You'll shed your layers once inside anyways (besides the tight of course. Cause that'd be weird)

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sarah nicole said...

A nice dress coat is a must for going out in cold weather!



elledoubleyouu said...

I'm from Florida, too, so I've also been working on this lately. I've actually found that sometimes a cardigan and tights can completely change the look of a dress (in a very good way!) and I've even come to prefer tights for "going out" looks.

Like everyone else is saying, you can just throw a coat over any outfit because you'll take it off when you get there anyway, but I would suggest against bare legs.

♥ LW

Let It Be Raw said...

Tights and a long jacket. You will look awesome and you can pretty much wear it differently each time. Oh, and a sweet hat!

One thing I learned the hard way is that finding things that are warm and water proof is a very good idea.

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

Throw on leggings or tights under a dress (though I tend to avoid dresses and skirts in the winter and opt for dress slacks or nice jeans). If you're going to be walking in snow, good boots will be helpful. Change into dressier shoes once you're inside. If your feet get wet, you'll be cold for a while!

Janelle said...

All of the other commenters had some great ideas. I'm from Canada, so I know all about the cold. You've actually just inspired me to do a cold weather fashion post in a couple weeks! I live in leggings/tights & boots in the winter and from there layer layer layer. I've been known to wear a tank top, tee, light cardigan, sweater AND coat when the temperature drops. Haha. Stopping by from FTLOB.