Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursdays Takeover

I'll start off with the obvious, Annika is way better at this than I am.....

My loving girlfriend has posts ready for days ahead of time at points and baby composition books filled with ideas that will be great for the little blog of "ours".

It's 1 am Thursday morning right now, I just got off work am starving and still have to do homework after this.

With that said I hope to do this blog a little bit of justice in the meantime, so be nice, humor me, and hopefully i'll post something at least somewhat entertaining.

I'm going to go ahead and run with the theme though that I am dead tired and need a major dose of coffee right now. I'm an addict always have been, I'm one of those kids who at 10 wanted coffee because I wasn't supposed to. Therefore, at 18 and through the majority of my college career I took haven in my local indie coffee shop. The people were nice, the music was good, and they served me beer before I was 21 (HEAVEN). Eventually I got too comfortable there though, somehow I ended up behind the counter, I had never poured a cup of coffee and never worked retail (remember I'm the guy that pets dogs and cats for a living) so this was a little...strange. Anyways, I learned more about coffee, learned how to roast beans, pull an awesome espresso, and eventually learned how to make neat little frivolous pictures on the top of latte's (the people waiting the extra two minutes for their drink were never quite as amused as I was with the cute cat on top their cappuccino).

There are few moments that made me happier in that cafe than the jam sessions, SO much talent!

So I appreciate coffee, caffeine is the most addicting drug in America and we LOVE it. So much so we will happily pay $5.00 for a cup of kinda, sorta, really sub-par coffee at a national coffee chain on a daily basis. Lets face it Starbucks is like the Wal-mart for coffee we know there are better options out their but i'll be damned if I want to drive more than 2 minutes in the morning to the better option (plus nobody judges me in my jammies).

I hang my head in shame at this point..The coffee snob in me has given way to the neccessity driven addict. I received my gold card from starbucks yesterday. It's their polite way of saying thanks for damn near 1/5 of your paycheck every couple weeks! Oh well benefits are benefits, free soy and sugar free caramel and a free drink after I spend $5 a piece on 15 drinks...THANKS GUYS. Consumerism is alive and well I'm afraid.

Anyways that's my confession I am now a proud member of the thousands of elite "Starbuckians" in the world. And with that said I leave you with a couple treats.

My favorite fall time drink (thanks to my old co-worker Kara):
The KaraChai (get it)
-Dirty chai latte with soy and sugar free caramel. SOO good and so much better than pumpkin spice in my opinion.

Cool video of a latte art teddy bear!

And to my loving girlfriend hopefully you'll have a good cup of coffee yourself when you land, enjoy the jet lag!!


Halley said...

They have an amazing coffee culture in Wellington, NZ and I like to think I'm a coffee aficionado, but now that I'm in CT I go to Starbucks every. day.

They're everywhere! and fairly consistent! It's a pretty hard to beat that.

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

Good job Nick! :)

I'm such a coffee/caffeine addict, it's not even funny. Although I secretly feel a little sorry for people who don't drink coffee. They are sooo missing out.