Friday, October 21, 2011

For the proverbial "water cooler"

I love youtube. It's quick, entertaining, and full of really interesting videos (after you filter through the cat videos).

So with that said here are a couple of my favorites for the week in the style of a youtube favorite Tobuscus and  Cute, Win, Fail.

I would consider this first one a fail but a really cute one for sure.

I love rants and furthermore I love people making fun of politicians. So everyone I would like you to meet Sarah Palin..I mean Jenna Marbles.

This is definitely A win in my opinion.

Annika exudes cute, I actually think she has to restrain herself to make sure she is socially acceptable. So it's hard to live up to her expectations and do this blog justice in the realm of cute.

So here is the cutest thing that is still relevant and completely avoids a kitten playing with string. 

Enjoy the videos! I'm off to work, and don't worry Annika landed safely in Oregon I'm sure i'll be getting an update or two to share with everyone.

Oh one more for the nerd in all of us. Remember Marty McFlys hover board that levitates above the street and all that fun stuff...Well we're one step closer now, this technology is awesome and I can finally say I saw Quantum Mechanics in motion!

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Halley said...

Fetch fail is freakin cute. I hope he didn't get stuck again...