Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

  1. Color it Mia has me so reminiscent of my summer in Italy. She has a real knack for expressing the good, the bad and the beautiful of being so far away from home but in such a wonderful place.
  2. The Modern Man's guide to the Modern Woman. Hilarious and maybe a little... shall I say blunt?
  3. Islamic Feminist. Nough' said.
  4. I must have been living under a rock for the last week or so because I only started reading about Occupy Wall Street about 2 days ago. I am now fascinated and want to break my vow of never having a Twitter account. @vivalarevolution anyone?
  5. If you're feeling a little introspective, Life's Instruction Manual ala Davinia Hamilton.
  6. I recently re-discovered one of my first blog world loves, Una Bella Vita. And of course, what's the most recent post? Rome, and many many gorgeous pictures of it.
  7. 7 things you shouldn't take pictures of. That I take pictures of all the time...
  8. DIY project just in time for graduation!
  9. 25 lessons in 25 years,  discovered just shy of being 25 years myself. One month till my quarter life crisis kicks in, right?
  10. Endless cute manicures for the cost of 2 contrasting polishes, a 99 cent hole punch (Michael's, I promise you.) and some Scotch tape? I'm in!


Siddy said...

Hiya An,
The pictures are amazzzzzing! and I'm just about clicking and checking all the recommendations :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

i will have to check out that 25 lessons article. Sounds interesting.

Halley said...

That last photo looks fantastic!! Where is it?

Samantha said...

Really enjoyed all of your links that you posted. As for Wall Street I didn't hear about that until this morning and spent a while googling it to find out what was happening. You weren't the only one under a rock.

Claire said...

Aaaagh, the article on 7 Things You Shouldn't Take Pictures Of is too funny. And naturally led to another hilarious article on Why Some Emails Go Unanswered (a battle in which I'm currently entangled) http://bit.ly/rg778B