Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pass or Fail

Recently, the lovely Gentri Lee did a post on actually attempting to make the things you found on Pinterest. Sometimes it's a yay!!! Sometimes... well... not so much.

The other night I actually made an entire meal, from start to finish, out of pinned recipes. Let's see what happened, shall we?

Baked Pesto Chicken - PASS!!

Fairly quick to make, only 3 ingredients needed, and boy is it delicious!

Oven Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips -

Easy enough to make but something must have gone horribly, horribly wrong. The texture was not exactly what I would call a 'chip' and even though I followed the recipe exactly, the breading was WAY too heavily seasoned.

Prosciutto, Goat Cheese and Avocado - PASS!!

Simple, bite-sized and damn near irresistible. All that and avocado is a super food, so why not!?

Marshmallow Rolls - Holy freaking PASS!!

You guys. I just can't even. These things are insanely easy and sinfully good. Please just go make them. No really. Make them right now.

3 out of 4! Not bad Pinterest, not bad at all! 


Jennifer said...

I've been wanting to make those marshmallow things.. Now I'm going to have to!

Mariah Bohannon said...

Hey, you're going to have to do this kind of post more often. Thanks for the ideas. I like trying new foods but I'm too busy to look for new recipes most days. I will try your suggestions, especially the mashmallow rolls :)

Shane Prather said...

The marshmallow bites look delicious, must try!

Tara said...

Oh gosh I've seen that marshmallow roll pop up a few times and pinterest and i've been like...WHAT seriously? There are things like that?!?

Halley said...

Cool! This is a great idea. I love those avocado rolls!

Mallorie Owens said...

Thanks for linking up! I'm sad those zucchini things didn't work out, I had those on my recipe board. Must try those marshmallow rolls though!

Renee B. said...

Hohmygosh. These all look delissssh. I must try!!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo