Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday: Birthday Edition!

This week I've decided to mix up the Top 10 and make a list of my favorite moments from my first weekend as a 25 year old! Hopefully you love it as much as I did!

1. Flowers on Friday from the best boyfriend ever!

2. Birthday cards from my amazing family that I miss oh so much.

3. How cool is this present!? Nick got me a handmade large format pinhole camera! Rob Kauzlarich not only made a gorgeous camera that I can't wait to use, but he also included a detailed list of instructions on how to use his creation with an open invite to e-mail him questions! What a guy!! Did I mention the camera is made out of a drawer?!

4. This song started playing right as the clock struck midnight. It felt like a good sign for the next year of my life :-)

5. A night out on the town with my bestie and her AWESOME new boyfriend!

6. This amazing birthday card Halley (friend and fantastic sponsor from The Life of Something New) sent me! I giggled my butt off when I opened this e-mail, thank you Halley!!!


8. This amazing stop-stressing-over-school-and-have-a-fun-birthday package I got from my best of best friends who recently moved all the way to Mississippi (sad face..)

9. The best "birthday cake" ever!!

10. As luck would have it, my birthday landed on a time change which means that my 25th birthday is 25 hours long. Odd, but awesome, turn of events!


Bri Lee said...

Rargh! What an incredible camera contraption!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of that camera! I can't wait to see your photo results.

Halley said...

25 hours long on your 25th sounds like the start of an awesome year.

I'm stoked that you liked the card!! Happy Birthday! xx

Amber Blue Bird said...

that is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Happy belated 25th!

Monica said...

so much great stuff and great people. and a 25hr birthday!! groovy!

Ashley said...

That camera is awesome! :) New follower!


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Wow,happy birthday! It looks like a really special one. I can't believe he got you that camera! What a fun hobby to have. I would just love to play around with one of those!