Sunday, November 6, 2011

A reflection on 25 years...

Dear 4 year old self,

The ballerina Barbie doll was worth all the tears. You may have never found it but the memory of your dad and teacher tearing apart the day care for hours trying to find it will last you a life time. And eventually that memory will mean more than a doll ever could.

Dear 11 year old self,
Same girls, 13 years apart!

Stop fighting with Kelsie. You both have a bad case of only child syndrome and even though you don't know what that means yet, one day you will stop annoying each other and she will be the single best friend you could ever ask for.

Dear 14 year old self,
The thing you are bullied about as a teenager will be the best part of you as an adult. 10 years from now your boyfriend is not only sweet and hot, but also 6'4. You can even wear heels if you want!

Dear 15 year old self,
Those girls aren't really your friends. Take charge of your own life and kick them to the curb! You're better off with books than crappy friends. And if it makes you feel any better; By the time you hit 25 your life will rock and they will suck at life AND still be just as mean (if not more).

Dear 16 year old self,

Be nice to your mother.

Dear 19 year old self,
Sometimes being selfish isn't a bad thing.

Dear 21 year old self,

Trust your instincts. You're right. You already met the friends you'll need to make it through the next few years so get out while you can. 

Dear freshly 22 year old self,
This will be a rough year and I'm sorry for that. Just because things didn't work out with your parents doesn't mean you have to stop believing in love. Have respect for yourself and don't give up on prince charming or Dr. Collins. They are both just a little late to the game, but I promise you, they will come one day.

Dear 22 (just shy of 23) year old self,

He's not gay, nor is he a party all the time frat boy. Not all good things are too good to be true. Some things are just plain GOOD and he is one of them. 

Dear 24 year old self,

You don't have any student debt. At all. Break your bank account and sign up for that study abroad. It will be the best decision you ever made and a life changing trip that will help you realize a lot about yourself. You and Nick will be an even better couple because of how well you handle the separation, you'll dump the museum studies idea dn realize how much you want to be a Professor and it will spark the travel bug that will take you to Boston, Portland, Miami and many more to come.

Dear 25 year old self,
I expect good things from you and you have a lot to live up to with 24 being as wonderful as it was. Graduate! Don't dilly dally on those grad school applications. Travel more. Make 4 year old us proud. Keep blogging. 

Happy birthday to me!! Thanks so much for all the well wishes! Your follows, comments and e-mails mean the world to me!


Samantha said...

what a cool blog post. happy birthday :)

Shane Prather said...

Such a cute idea to remenisce and celebrate your special day. Happy 25th!

Kate said...

I love this! This is such a cool idea! Happy Birthday : )

elledoubleyouu said...

Love this :) Happy birthday!!!

♥ LW

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

Aww, the advise to your 4 year old self choked me up a little. So sweet. Happy Birthday friend!

Claire said...

A very, very happy birthday from a fellow Scorpio. Hope it's your best year yet :)

Anonymous said...

A very happy belated birthday! This is a great post to look back at how far you've come :)

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