Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

First of all, sorry for dropping off the blog-o-sphere. This week and last weekend were rough to say the least and school felt the need to hand my ass to me on a silver platter. But! 4 days of little to no sleep and 27 research paper pages later, I'm back! And exhausted.

  1. Vintch's gorgeous post on remembrance in our daily lives.
  2. Fictional places you can visit in real life!
  3. An amazing and beautifully written article about what real love is like. Because, sometimes the romances worthy of poetry, aren't the loves that last a lifetime.
  4. The Perfect Bucket List. A community based project of all the things people want to do before they die! Really cool and very inspiring!
  5. My beloved Portland, Or made the list of the top 7 cities young adults are flocking to in lieu of the recession and I can definitely see why!
  6. One of my favorite bloggers, Molly, tells the world why they should say "yes" as often as possible.
  7. How blogging became my boyfriend. But don't tell Nick.
  8. A really cool one for all my fellow history nerds: The art of healing the minds and spirits of WW1 soldiers.
  9. Interpol releases a monthly poster of stolen works of art from around the world. 
  10. You asked for pictures of Florence, so I dug a few up! I'll do a full post on the experience when school slows down a bit, so be on the look out and for now, enjoy these!


vintch said...

well you just made my day. such a sweet shout-out:) i just settled back into my desk with a warm cup of coffee. off to check out all these links. have a beautiful day, sweet friend.

Let It Be Raw said...

Very nice! The stolen art was really interesting. I didn't really think about that happening in reality because it's seen so much on tv shows and movies that make it seem less real.

elledoubleyouu said...

I read number 3 and it made my night. Although I fear I am still the Disney princess girl who wants a poetry writing boy and cartoon birds flying about when we kiss. Perhaps I just need more time to grow out of that.

♥ LW

Bri Lee said...

These pictures are wonderful!!!