Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On naming our new family member.

Guess what!?

We have a new family member on the way! A furry family member that is. She's a 2 week old show quality Welsh Corgi! Her parents owners have fallen on hard times and decided to give this litter of pups away fro free rather than getting papers for all of them. I have always wanted a Corgi. Always. And Nick's amazing co-workers not only told him about this little darling but then convinced him that she would make the perfect Christmas present.

I say Christmas because she is too young to actually come live with us at this point. But that will not stop me from picking out names, buying toys and cute collars and essentially spoil her before she even knows my face.

So excited!

So the first order of business was of course a name. Now I don't know if you ever tried to name something but everyone and their mother has an opinion on what it should be.

My friend Dana wanted to name her Dana.

Nick wanted to name her Guinni supposedly for Guinness but I'm pretty sure it's due to her strong resemblance to a guinea pig in the only picture we have of her so far.

Don't worry, by the time we get her she will look more like this:

Her name was Pippa, Cuppy and Agnes. She was named after food, drink and English Queens. I thought about waiting to see what her personality was like. Then I got too excited and started making up names again. We thought about going with what the owners of the parents had named her…

I took pointers from Jenna Marbles.

Something that can be shortened into an EEEEEE sound. Got it.

And then my friend Katelyn suggested Penelope. Penny for short. 

And it stuck.

So check back next month for the first of many adorable picture posts of baby Penny experiencing so much for the first time! A new house and a big sister and cats! Oh my!!


Anonymous said...

awwhh she's going to be adorable! i can't wait to see photos :) xo

Danfredo Rivera said...

I'm the absolute WORST at naming animals! I can only imagine how hard it's going to be to name children. Ugh. Love your puppy's name though. Can't wait to see pictures of her all grow'd up. :-)

Sarah O'Holla said...

OMG how can you even stand it?? So exciting!

Gentri said...

Congratulations!! She is such a cutie! And I live the name. :) my sisters old dog was named penny :)

Tara said...

WHAT! lucky lucky lady!! What an adorable pup. I wish you the best of luck (puppies are hard), but you will enjoy every minute of it!


Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

Oh my god! I want one!

Kate said...

Oh my! I'm so excited for you! Those pictures are adorable and Penny is such a cute name. I think Pippa would have been pretty funny thought :)

Krissy (Shimmer Like Gold) said...

Firstly, YAY cute new puppy!

Secondly, that video is HILARIOUS.

And thirdly, Penny is the cutest name of all-time. Really, it's my favourite name in the entire universe and if I were ever to change my name, that's what I'd change it to.

Shelby said...

Oh my!! I have a Welsh Corgi named Rusty! Aren't they the best dogs ever??:)