Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What to get for the boy that "doesn't want anything."

After a number of years and multiple relationships I have become fairly certain that all boys are difficult to shop for. There's the nerdy boy, who's taste is so expensive, you would probably have to sell a limb to pay for what he really wants. There's the music snob and the collector, the one who wants something so obscure and difficult to find, you'll drive yourself mad scouring the internet for months just to ultimately get him a gift card at the last minute. And finally there's the selfless boy, the one who enjoys phrases like "I don't really want anything", "Just get something nice for yourself!" and, "Give money to a charity!"

As sweet as he is and may sound, my selfless boy may have been the most difficult one to shop for ever. How do you get someone "nothing" and something at the same time?? I searched Etsy. Asked everyone of his friends and family. Snooped on his computer (Sorry Nick <3). And read every "What to get your guy" article I could find on the internet. Though everyone suggested a lot of "somethings" none of them were also "nothings."

Then a Christmas miracle happened! Who out there saw the Glee Christmas special? Rachel may not have liked her African Hog but my guy loved his new Ocelot!

This is Gracie, she lives at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Tampa . They rescued her from some idiot that decided to try and keep her as an exotic pet. The adoption packet I got came with bios of all the Ocelots at the sanctuary so Nick and I could read about them, pick which one we wanted to adopt and it also came with day passes to the park so we could go meet our choice! Money to charity and a day trip to Tampa to visit our chosen cat! Two successful Christmas' down, countless more to go!


Lauren said...

Thats an awesome present!
For my husbands next birthday I'm going with a 'day package experience' theme to the present. Where we do something throughout the day like going to a brewary, the movies, dinner etc. This kinda beats my idea though! I think so anyway!


Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

I love that. Such a good idea!

Magical Day Dream said...

Good for you! I have my dads and brother's birthday coming up in a few days and am still not sure what to get them.. ;)