Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter in the Sunshine State

So, the other day Nick and I were having a conversation about apples. Riveting. I know. And he said

"Well Fall is apple picking season, right?"

I responded

"Yea... but it's the end of January. That's not Fall."

So if that doesn't tell you what kind of weather we have had in Florida this "Winter", I don't know what else will besides saying the average temperature for this month was about 73. And as jealous of you northern girls and your adorable sweaters as I am... this is the perfect last full winter to spend in Florida. This time next year I plan on struggling to survive in snow, so for now, I'll enjoy my summer in January and all the wonderful things Florida Winter's have to offer!

Do you know who else likes Florida in Winter? Well, besides your Grandparents, Europeans and Canadians (always wondered where they all went didn't you?).


Manatees flock to the Florida fresh water springs from January until March every year and for the first time, Nick and I went to experience them! Along with every other Orlando local, your Grandparents, the Canadians and Europeans.

There had to be at least 50 of them all up and down the river! Babies and mommies and old manatee alike! Since they are an endangered species, the river is roped off and you aren't allowed to touch or fee them but you can watch them float about for as long as you like!

What neat things does your state have during the winter?


Amber said...

your seventy degree weather sounds so awesome. I am dying over here in 30 degree snowy coldness.

Halley said...

AH! Awesome. I would be tempted to run in and hug every one of them.

... Hugs are beneficial to an endangered species right?

Anonymous said...

awesome pic!!!


your newest follower :)

follow me back? XOXO

Alyx said...

Hahaha the Germans always ask me if I've ever been to Florida, because apparently it's a hotspot for them. A ton of them like to retire there, too, apparently. Who knew?!
I must say, I am super jealous of 73 degree weather. I would give anything to be running around in shorts and a t-shirt right now!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm so glad you found me because it led to me finding you back! Haha obviously. Anyway, so excited to read more!

Mary Hone said...

I came over from Life of something good. We love to travel too, and we're setting out to do it as our life.
We live in Utah, snow and more snow is our winter, Florida looks very nice right now.