Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Etsy Every(other)day

Tal and Ellia met at design school and after noticing they loved all the same stuff they decided to join forces and become TICKETTE. This design duo aims to offer products from an innovative and fresh point of view, one that treads the fine line between "want and need" and the thin line between "uniquely unique" and "day to day".

I discovered Tickette some time ago through one of my favorite (and recently retired) blogs Academichic. The necklace I had my eye on for the longest time ended up selling to someone else and my world was just crushed. A couple of weeks later they came out with this little 'X marks the spot' darling and I have been fighting myself not to buy it! They have 2 different, and equally lovely styles of jewelry: WORD CHARMS: jewelry that literally defines itself and DOODLE JEWELRY: jewelry that captures the spirit of hand drawn doodles.

The hardest part about this shop is deciding what to buy first! Which one is calling your name??

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