Saturday, September 10, 2011

As Promised...

Here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot Nick and I did last weekend in downtown Orlando. It was so hard to choose but I tried to limit myself to just posting a few! Thanks Vivid I Photography!!

I'm not going to lie... I was really feeling the idea of being lazy today and making this count for Day 2 of my photo challenge. Then I realized that maybe coping out on only the second day of a CHALLENGE was really silly of me. Day 2's assignment was "What I Wore" so I took this myself (I should invest in a tripod)

Just to meet the requirements of taking one of the photos myself. Then I had Nick take a more explanatory shot of what the outfit actually looked like!

Dress and Shoes from Urban Outfitters, Cardigan from Target and Belt from H&M

Please be so kind as to ignore the lack of makeup and I-don't-want-my-picture-taken stink face.


Krissy (Shimmer Like Gold) said...

Aww, you guys are so sweet! Like the one of Nick poking you in the nose ... way to be adorable!

Did you make the "A" and "N" yourselves? They'd be a nice little keepsake. :)

Annika said...

Actually no! Our wonderful photographer made them and then let us keep them! I can't wait to find someplace to hang them up!

london loves said...

So cute! Love the nose poking pic! ;D

London Last Night

Sister Golden Air said...

So cute:)