Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick and cute Sunday DIY

Originally, I discovered the idea for this adorable little felt hair clip over at A Beautiful Mess. I got all the supplies and started toying around making my own this afternoon and really loved the results! First, start by downloading this stencil I threw together. It's about 4 1/2 inches so if you want to make yours smaller (or bigger even!!) just throw it into any photo editing program, resize and print!

Click the image to enlarge it to the full size!!!

Once you have that ready to go all the other slides you will need are 
  1. 2 safety pins or sewing needles. Just something to hold the paper to the felt. *
  2. 1 piece of felt
  3. A glue gun
  4. 1 28mm button
  5. scissors
  6. A hair clip or bobbie pin

One you have the felt and stencil pinned together, cut out both flowers from the felt. And then, save the scraps because I have another DIY coming up in a few days that it will be perfect for! Glue the smaller flower on top of the larger and glue the button in the center of the smaller flower

Now, cut out a small rectangle of the felt, place a small dot of glue on each end and stick it to the back of the flower. The key is to create a little pocket to hold the hair clip.

And there you have it! An adorable, and oh so simple, finished product!

Sorry I don't have a shot of it actually being used... between working late last night and a meeting early this morning, I'm kind of proud of myself for getting this up at all! Even though I am up ungodly early on my only day off, I'm pretty excited for everything planned today! After we are finished with said meaning a friend from for and I are headed out to Mt.Dora to do some antique mall rummaging. And tonight Nick and I are going out to Oviedo for one of my favorite things ever...

I'm so excited!! Almost makes me happy that I'm getting such an early start to the day. Of course, there will be tons of pictures (and hopefully on of them will be my Day 3 shot?) so just check back later tonight and I'll let you in on all the fun that was had!


xoxo, dania said...

wow! you are extremely talented! it looks great!!

Sayaka said...

Wow!! You are so creative and talented!!