Monday, September 12, 2011

Food truck bazaar

Yesterday was one heck of a day! Antiquing in the morning and the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar with the boyfriend at night!

All in all it was quite a fantastic experience! Usually when I previously thought of food trucks, I thought of those yucky little roach coaches you see outside of bars sometimes. You know, the kind your mom warns you not to eat from? Well apparently, the food truck craze has taken every major city by storm in the past few years with everything from fancy, decked out trucks to there very own show on the Food Network (Great American Food Truck Race anyone?)! So we found out about this little gathering because of my discovery (and subsequent fascination with) of one particular truck called the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck. Which of course, was the first truck I headed to when we got there!

Those are Hootnany Harvest Apple and S'more Please and they were both amazingly worth hunting down, incase you were wondering. I got to try pastrami for the first time (much to Nick's dismay)! 

Had some of the best peach cobbler ever and topped it all off with some ahi tuna sliders. 

The moral of the story? Forget what your mom told you, food trucks are fantastic!! What city are you from? Have you checked out your local food trucks yet? You might be pleasantly surprised!

(PS) I also completed Day 3 a day late. But, it's a pretty awesome take on the subject of clouds so I'm not too upset with myself!

And with my Day 4 - favorite color, I'm all caught up! ... For now.


Anonymous said...

mmm, food truck bazaar . . . love it. those yum yum cupcakes are to die for. great pictures too : ) have you all been to pom poms tea house for sandwiches yet? on bumby

Meream said...

Oh those look yum! I am eating bland macaroni salad right now and I'm drooling over these :)

Annika said...

Oh Pom Pom's... I have spent many a lunch break there! It's one of my absolute favorites and I always try and take out of town visitors there! Any other suggestions? We obviously have very similar taste in food :-)