Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

1. Danny & Annie

You may want to mentally prepare yourself for this and possibly grab a box of tissues. StoryCorps is an organization that interviews ordinary people with amazing life stories and turns them into animations. This particular one is about Brooklyn natives, Danny and Annie, who have been lovingly married for 27 years. The story recounts everything from their first date to daily love letters throughout their marriage and finally when they are forced to part ways when Danny contracts terminal cancer. It's heartfelt, beautiful and secretly what everyone probably wants their life to be like.

2. On a lighter note... It's pumpkin season!!!

Beer and pie and lattes and muffins and... and.. It's too early in the morning for me to be getting this excited. 

3. Honey Milk Tea

Recently, I have been trying for the first time things that most people have known where amazing all their lives. Pastrami, food trucks and the flavor filled combination of milk and honey. Who knew!? If you haven't tried any of those things, I highly recommend them all!

If you're a Pinterest addict like myself, I'm sure you've seen these countless time. Now, if you also happen to be poor like I am, you have probably tried to make one of these yourself and subsequently discovered it's one of those things that is WAY harder than it looks. This builder is bit tricky because you have to get the number of letters and spacing right, but other than that, it is infinitely more simple than trying to make one of these bad boys in photoshop.

I may fancy myself an ok graphic designer but the truth is, I suck. And most of the graphics on the blog are a result of me getting frustrated with my computer and pleading with Nick for help. So things like this paper, fascinate me and of course, make me want to buy it all. I know this maybe jumping the gun a bit but I think Flocked Up would make an amazing wedding invite, don't you?

A flickr page composed of nothing but number pictures, 1-365, in order, with multiples of each. Imagine the creative possibilities! I have a few ideas in my head already so once I get around to them (my craft list is getting obscenely long...) I'll definitely share! I discovered this amazing web find through Krissy over at Shimmer Like Gold. You should really check out her page. She is hands down one of my favorite new blog discoveries, a super sweet chick and a creative genius! Need inspiration for just about anything? Go pay Krissy a visit!

7. Harry Potter as a teen comedy.

8. Happy stories.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am so por gay marriage, people probably think I'm gay myself. The other day at the craft store I ran into a lesbian couple planning out their wedding, we chit chatted for a bit, talked about our significant others and gushed over cute things before then parted ways. As I was walking out to my car however, they were coming out behind me and happened to spot the equality sticker on the back of my car. One of the girls thanked me for the support and told me the world needed more straight people like me haha. It made my day!

The ASPCA is currently holding a city versus city challenge for who can get the most animals into homes! As you may or may not know, my awesome boyfriend works for the ASPCA in Orange County and rescues puppies for a living. Each city is challenged to beat their own adoption numbers from last year and the city with the highest improvement gets $100,000 to update facilities, expand their outreach to the community and of course, save more puppies! So, if you're thinking about a new pet, why buy when you can adopt? I have rescued every single one of my pets and can tell you first hand that they have all been amazing in their own way.

10. The greatest marriage proposal ever!


claire said...

i keep seeing posts with the pumkin spiced coffee on them! I really should try it this year, although i'm not even sure i like pumkin!

Anonymous said...

I had to pin that pumpkin photo...LOVE! <3

Annnnd scrolling down, I noticed you mentioned something about an Orlando Food Truck Bazaar? What?! Why have I never heard about this?!?! I just started watching the Food Truck Race this week so now I'm obsessed with that. I really need to get down to Orlando soon. And a cupcake truck? I think I just found my dream job!


Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

I love the eye chart! That is such a cute and clever idea.

xoxo, dania said...

i adore number 2! love everything pumpkin!!


Along Abbey Road said...

That pumpkin pie looks amazing! And I am a serious Pinterest addict too. Cute letterpress pick and great blog!

Along Abbey Road