Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Etsy Every(other)day

This table may in fact be one of the coolest things I have discovered on Etsy. Not only it it a gorgeous design that looks like something out of 'Mad Men' but it also is a full size coffee table that will only cost you roughly $30 and requires no shipping & handling.

How is this possible? Because this company doesn't actually SELL you the table. They sell you a plan on how to build the table, that is specially designed to use only 1 piece of plywood and dowel pins.

Plywood- $20
Dowel Pins- $3
Plan- $7

Genius, right? I may have even convinced Nick to take on this project with me! Keep your fingers crossed!!


Michelle's Style File said...

Cool table and a great price!


Jennyboo said...

Oh how I love this. I am such a fan of atomic era furniture. It's very tempting to purchase this plan from Etsy.. I may need some help assembling it, however! xx