Friday, September 9, 2011

Etsy and then some!

A few days ago while trolling the internet in search of some nifty Etsy find to post today, I stumbled upon something even better. An awesome Etsy shop that just happens to be owned by an equally awesome blogger! Dana over at Wonder Forest also owns a shop by the same name where she sells these simply adorable plushes

Wonder Forest (the shop) has given me a serious dilema though. Apparently, when you turn 24, that is the instant when ALL your friends start getting pregnant. This is an amazing thing for me because while I adore babies, my maternal instinct has not kicked in yet in the slightest. So when my friends have cute little bundles of joy, I get to play with them and buy them cute things but also hand them back to their mothers when tears start or funny smells make their presence known! So on one hand, I want to buy one for all of the baby showers I have coming up in the next few months. But... I also fear for the safety of this adorable creature in the hands of a small child... So to combat this feeling, I think I'll just have to pick up one of her wonderful DSLR camera straps and give the gift of baby pictures!

As for her blog... Well, let's just say I adore it. Everything from the layout to the tutorials and just daily insite on life (oh and one really cute story about she and her future hubby)! And through her blog I also discovered this:

And decided to give it a try. 2 years ago I graduated college with a degree in photography and not to be a Debbie Downer but, it sort of killed my passion for the camera. After my recent trip over seas though, the Annika hearts Nikon love affair is back on in full force! So what better way to re-hone my skills than a 30 day personal challenge? That being said, Day 1.

Bright-eyed, only slightly bushy tailed and enjoying a coffee before work. I just finished participating in my very first link party too! Thanks for hosting Just A Girl!! Good morning world! I wish you a lovely day!


Teaka said...

Cute Blog! I love when people do photo challenges. It's so interesting to see what people post in their own perspective. :) ]

P.S. I too also love Wonder Forest's stuff. :D

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

I hear ya on the baby booming. Don't give it to the baby! It's too cute to be covered in drool!

Lauren {love,lulu} said...

baby pictures is a wonderful gift!!! I have still never taken newborn pictures but I want to learn eventually :)

Notes She Wrote

O. said...

I went through a period where I lost something and stayed away from my camera for an extended period of time. I am thankful that what it was that I lost returned and have a new found love for photography.

dana @ wonder forest said...

Aw I just stumbled upon this. Thanks so much for giving me a little feature on your blog :)
Xox Dana