Monday, September 19, 2011

Cleaning And Crafting And Becoming A Red Head

My one and only day off this week and how did I spend it?


I have never been the type that can just sit around and 'relax.' What other people call relaxing, I call boring. My ADHD doesn't like boring. So, I slept in a bit then woke up and hit the ground running. Well, kind of running. Coffee and then running. I don't know about you but I'm useless before some morning chill time and a good cup of coffee. First, the house got a much needed deep cleaning and I attempted to hang up some prints I received recently. I say attempted because the ADHD kicked in again when Nick woke up and expressed interest in a couple of the craft projects I had mentioned to him.

A few days ago I spotted an amazing tutorial over at Deer In A Bottle and just had to try it. Especially when I already had all the materials needed! How often does a craft project not require a single trip to Hobby Lobby? My book however was a little too small to do follow the tutorial exactly so we had to improvise.

Here's what you'll need:

Any sort of all glass lamp (I used this one)
Mod Podge
An old book (Preferably one you dont mind destroying)
Sponge brush

  1. Burn the edges of some of the pages little by little (length wise) and quickly put the fire out. This is just for effect, dont want anyone burning their house down!
  2. Cut the strips to size so that they cover the edges left exposed.

3. Cover the entire lamp in a thing layer on Mod Podge and slowly wrap the paper around.
4. Once you have covered the whole thing in paper, cover the lamp with another thin layer of Mod Podge and let the whole thing dry.

Your final product should look something like this - 

I can't wait for these little darlings to dry so I can stick them back and better than ever on my bed side table!! We also did a little fancy foot work and did a project to convert the book we cut pages out into a clock.

But that's for another day! Just like pictures of the red hair. Though that's mostly because it's still wet so I can't decide if it looks alright enough to share with the world yet or not.

After that we went and saw The Help with some friends. Wow. What a great movie! I really can't remember the last time I cried that many times in the theater. It got me thinking a lot about our current culture and the movement for LGBT equality. Oh how history always seems to repeat itself. Did any of you see it? What were your thoughts?


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Good for you for being so organized but how exhausting on a day off! I never get any crafty projects done usually, because I can't stand spending my precious free time on them!

t said...

Cool idea!

lazy explorers said...

That is so neat! I love this!
Also, to answer your question about the keys...I plan to hang them on my wall next to all of my shelving. Or maybe even turn them into hooks of some sort!

Xo Chloe.

Arianne said...

Oh no, poor book! The cover is very pretty but about to be drilled. I hope it was about something dull like an anatomy book or one about drains!

claire said...

red hair is cool ;) cant wait to see what you look like!

Matt Rodin said...

I love this idea with the book pages! I might try it on a candle holder, it would make the pages sort of glow.
P.S. Saw your 30 before 30...check out my 20 before 20. They're not as exciting or as cool as yours, but I only have like 2 months!