Friday, September 16, 2011

Etsy Every(other)day

I will state only few technical details about it, but it is up to you to add to it what you feel. Old weathered rescued board with rusty starred bar hanger (Djordje, my son, who folded butterflies designed by Rikki Donachie, said that bar is not rusty, yet oxidized), is a base for flowers made from rescued books in several languages, and the title as well the signature are written in Cyrillic. Just as this gorgeous country, that embraced us, and which I deeply love, is diverse, the same are the flowers in it - each different, but yet each equal with others. Two butterflies are made from US map - each of them folded from east and west part of America. If you feel the same about it, you may want to have it in your home.

These piece is much too far outside of my budget for me to afford now but it does allow for very lovely day dreams of it decorating the walls of a vintage home covered from top to bottom in Southern charm… And the love and thought that were put behind each and every detail just make me love it even more!!

And to play a little catch up on my photo challenge (all of which can now be found here)!

Day 5: someone I love
Sure, I could have posted one of the 5 thousand pictures I have taken of Nick but technically, this guy has been in my heart longer. Meet Ace. I adopted him during a rather rough patch in my life and he's stuck around every since. He is one of the most empathetic animals I have ever met so if you come to my house and for one reason or another start crying, expect him to instantly being in your lap. These days, things are better and I am much happier but still without fail if I'm ever feeling sad, he's right there. I'm still not sure if I rescued him, or if he rescued me. 

And some tunes to start your day with! Have a great weekend, my lovelies!


Amber said...

What a lovely piece! It sounds like it has a very cool background.

Stephanie said...

I love window shopping on Etsy. Especially for handmade furniture. It's so expensive, but so stunning!