Friday, September 2, 2011

Notes from the Boyfriend..

Alright, I can't let lil' miss Annika have all of the fun now can I! All of this posting about cute things and jewelry that I have to buy for future Christmas presents. I'll tell you this though, as a boyfriend I am quickly learning that a blog is probably the most efficient wish list I have ever seen someone compile. Birthdays have just gotten so much simpler!

Anyways, I thought I would start off my first post with combining a couple of my favorite things. Documentaries and the random ways I keep myself entertained on 8 hour car rides from one tourist trap to another.

Rewind now to Annika and I again going comatose in front of the television late in the evening, me still smelling slightly like a wet cat since I just got off work and being bombarded by the curious noses of cats and dogs. It was then we stumbled upon probably one of the more interesting art based documentaries we have seen in some time.

"Between the Folds" a PBS documentary that revolves around the evolving world of paper folding (Origami).

This film goes so far beyond the paper crane that I learned how to make in elementary school it is astonishing. It chronicles 10 different paper folding artists and their pasts. It also looks back at the traditional methods and the master that inspired what seems to be all serious paper folding artists of today.

It's not about cranes and pretty flowers in this documentary, it's about dragons, characters so detailed they seem to move, and abstract figures that are so organic they blend in with the landscape (all of which by the way come from just 1 square of paper, never cut, never taped, never stapled, just folded).

Watch this trailer!

Oh by the way even the thought of attempting some of those creations about made my head pop, it did though inspire me to make a couple folds of my own. So here is the fun D.I.Y. portion. I've always appreciated flowers in origami, I also never liked the idea of actually buying flowers (it's seems depressing to give something to a loved one that will shortly wither away and die) so with that said I like to give origami flowers.

My favorite, the lotus flower. It's a beginners flower but looks difficult and always pleases.

I was going to do a tutorial myself is just so much better at that than I am.

Plus I like the accents.

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