Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blogosphere love

As many of you have noticed lately, my free time has plummeted in the last few weeks.

School is kicking my butt.

I'm working more than ever.

And I'm planning trips that include (but are not limited to) Boston, Cozumel, Washington D.C., and Art Basel Miami.

So I'm trying, and royally failing, at trying to keep this blog alive. So it came down to a very tough choice.

Post crappy posts that I rush and am not at all into on a sporadic schedule or go on blogger hiatus until I have life a little more under control.

So, blog family, I'm taking a break. I'll still be around via e-mail and I'll still keep up with your lives but at least for a few weeks, A Sweet Release will be a very quiet place.

Be happy, stay healthy and good luck in all that you do!

Until we meet again!


Amber said...

hope your break is everything you need right now. see ya when I see ya!

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Emily said...

just found your blog (and even though you are taking a teeny break, i still wanted to say hi!) i love venturing back through all your old posts and i hope you are surviving school and doing well! come back to the bloggy world soon!