Thursday, February 16, 2012

Question: What is wrong with kids these days!?

Answer: They don't know who Paul McCartney is.

On a side note, Nick just introduced me to a YouTube web series called Source Fed and I am officially obsessed. Like, ignoring Grey's Anatomy kind of obsessed. Simple put: Source Fed is everything that should and shouldn't matter to you explained and broken apart by people who vomit words. Enjoy.


Amber said...

Who in their right mind doesnt know who Paul McCartney is? Craziness.

Shelby said...

Hey there! I have a new blog design, and along with it I created a new button! I'd love it if you replaced my Sweet Confessions one with the new design!


katie said...

You watch SourceFed?! This just became my FAVORITE blog ever. I watch them too and love it!


Anonymous said...

RIGHT?! UGH! I couldn't agree with you more about Paul McCartney thing. How frustrating.

I've heard about the Source Fed series, but haven't checked them out before. I think I'll do that now. :) lovely blog!

xo, Samantha