Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Great Debate

Valentines Day or Singles Awareness Day. The war between lovers and haters has waged on for well... at least as long as I've been old enough to give 2 hoots about either (I.E. stopped thinking boys had cooties).

I, however, claim total and complete neutrality. Yes, I am in a happy and committed relationship that deserves to be celebrated. No, I do not wish to take a night off work just to brave all of the completely packed restaurants/movie theaters/where ever you choose to go. I love, love but I would rather skip the cheesy boxes of chocolate and continue saving for our 3 year anniversary trip to Mexico. Nick can just buy me a heart shaped tequila shot in Cozumel instead.

So here's a little somethin somethin for both!

The Valentine's Dayers!

The sweetest love story you will ever hear. Grab that box off tissues before clicking here, my friends.

A most sincere Valentine's Day love letter to everyone's favorite odd-ball. Here's to you Liz Lemon!

Our personal love story here! (and also here because I got carried away)

And an ode to the best love poems ever written.

Single's Awareness Day!

Because what's better than hearing Margaret Cho's take on S.A.D.?

Marie Claire's guide to the Anti-Valentine's Day

Grab a bottle of wine, some candy and start searching for these better-off-single flicks!

The best idea I have heard for a Singles Awareness Day party, yet! Even the non-single girls could get into this one!

And what's S.A.D. without an awesomely empowering breakup song. Thanks Katy Brand Perry!


Shane said...

hahaha loving the single's awareness links, thanks for sharing! Makes me feel a little better :)

xo Shane

elizalouise.bell said...

Cried my eyes out with Danny and Annie.


Halley said...

Hahah! Nice one, I like the Anti-V Day Guide. Next year (when I'm not in the middle of moving) I'm having a party for all my friends. I'm going to give each one ring pops cuz if you like it you better put a ring on it.

Heather Belle said...

3 year anniversary trip to Mexico?? Ohh! So jealous! My 3 year is in May! Maybe I can convince my boyfriend to take me on a nice trip! Haha :)
I personally love Valentine's Day! Single's worry too much about not having someone, show love to the OTHER people in your life though! Family, friends, even pets!
xo Heather

Brandi said...

Such a great post! i'm in the singles awareness club but I'm find with that :)


Amber said...

Margaret Cho is just brilliant. Thanks for that link.

ylenia said...

Cute dog, ahah!
Nice blog, follwing it now! Follow me back?

Lauren said...

I had never heard of the 'singles awareness day' until this valentines day. Blogging has enlightened me greatly it seems!